Five top tips on choosing the ideal wood finish

Five top tips on choosing the ideal wood finish


Decisions, decisions! Picking out the perfect finishing touches for your home can be difficult – especially when there are so many options to choose from!

With these highlights of the best wood finishes for your furniture, you can pick out the most compatible solution for your style and surrounding.



Wood stains change or improve furniture colour, and are available in a variety of options. They perform better if they are darker than the colour of the wood, increasing the visibility of the grains.

It's important to note that stains don't offer protection, however application is usually followed by a coating of wood finish for this reason


Varnishes are made up of oil, solvents, and resins, and are usually transparent. They dry slowly, and give a better UV protection to your furniture.

Application of the varnish on the top of dyes gives a better level of protection overall.



Lacquers are thin, solvent-based finishes, usually applied by spraying. They dry fast due to solvent evaporation, and rich deeper into the wood to nourish the grains and bring our a natural, glossy finish.

Hard wax oil

Hard wax oil is a blend of premium, quality tung oil and carnauba wax – which gives superior protection to wooden furniture.

Maintaining the natural appearance of wood, it forms a highly durable barrier on soft and hard woods, against water, stains, heat, dirt, and wear and tear.

Oil finish

Oil finishes improve the appearance of unfurnished wood, as natural oils that are present in the material dry out over time.

Oil finishes nourish the wood grain, and offer great protection for internal and external use.

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