Three top tips on choosing the right furniture accessories

Three top tips on choosing the right furniture accessories


Choosing the right accessories for your furniture may seem like a minor task – but there's a stark difference between sleek, matt black handles and nautical rope pulls, for example.

Here's some food for thought, to factor into your decision-making...


Looking at the size of any space is a key thing to consider before embarking on a refurb project.

Finding pieces such as table legs and shelving that match the scale will help to make your home or workspace feel more balanced and comfortable.


Investing in premium finishing touches can make all the difference to your furniture pieces.

Inexpensive fixtures and fittings are readily available and can sometimes make a space look cheap. Choosing quality over quantity will help your furniture look more upmarket, as well as stand the test of time.



Choosing the right colour and texture of the fixtures and fittings in your home is the perfect way to bring a room together.

Pops of colour throughout a space offer visual interest and a bolder sense of personality, whilst a more neutral palette will help to make a room feel calmer.

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